Your custom jewellery

Your Custom Jewellery

From an existing jewel, a sketch or a simple idea, our master jewellers will guide you in the creation of your dream jewel.

From your imagination to your fingers

We are delighted to propose you an exceptional bespoke design service. Our master jewellers are at your entire disposal to undertake your unique jewellery creation project, with you, according to your expectations & wishes.

In order to answer precisely to your request, our expert jewellers accompany you throughout the process of elaboration of your jewel. From your first contact, through the 3D modelling to the conception in the workshop, we will be at your service and will hold you posted at each step of the realization of your Jewellery.

Transforming a jewel or setting a stone

Our jewellery and stones have strong sentimental values. Thus, our Master Jewellers can work from an antique jewel or an unset stone in order to design, with you, a unique jewel from your imagination, from an existing creation.

Create your custom jewel

For a special occasion, an engagement, wedding or anniversary, give your loved one a bespoke gift. Our Master Jewellers will assist you in the creation of your unique piece of jewellery, from a sketch or simply from your imagination.

The 4 steps of custom Jewellery


Describe your project

Whether you choose to transform an existing jewel, to set a stone or to create a completely custom jewel, contact us by E-Mail. You can send us a sketch, visuals of the jewellery you wish to customize, and we recommend that you accompany your illustrations with a brief description of your model so our experts can get a first glimpse of your project. We work on a first sketch of your project (about 2 days).


Made to measure

Following your first contact, we agree together on an appointment in the boutique or online with one of our master jewellers aware of your project. After this meeting to create your own custom Jewellery, we will provide you with an estimate based on your request. Then, your jewel is materialized with our latest generation 3D printer and models are transmitted to you within 2 days. You can then visualize your project, make modifications or validate the design for the workshop.


Design in the Workshop

When the 3D models are appreciated and validated by you, we send them to our workshop so that our craftsmen jewellers can realize your custom Jewellery. We guarantee you a work carried out by expert craftsmen, respectful of the great jewellery traditions.


Your creation comes to life

After the workshop step, we give special attention to the quality control that precedes the shipment or hand delivery of your jewellery to ensure that it perfectly matches your expectations. Your jewel comes with its guarantee certificate and is packed in our sublime Ciaudano jewellery cases to protect it throughout its new life.

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