Exclusive diamonds

Exclusive diamonds

Diamonds are the most precious stone and an authentic symbol of eternal & indestructible love.

Your Choice, Our Expertise

We propose you an exclusive selection of the most high quality diamonds. All our diamonds are certified & laser engraved by the GIA, a prestigious laboratory recognized worldwide for the quality of its expertise. Invisible to the naked eye, the laser marking of our diamonds is a guarantee of security enabling the stone to be identified in the event of repair, theft or loss.

Our Ciaudano experts support you in the selection of the diamond of your dreams. To do this, we help you understand the universal system for defining the qualities of a diamond, the “4 C“. They analyze the size (Cut), color (Color), clarity (Clarity) and weight (Carat) of the diamonds to determine their value & rarity.


The size is the determining factor of the value of a diamond. This is the only criterion which depends entirely on the quality & thoroughness of the lapidary’s work. Meticulously cut, a diamond will reflect light perfectly and shine with 1000 lights.
Also, the shape of the size is an important criterion of choice. The “shiny”, round shape offers optimal shine to the diamond. However, for your tailor-made creation, you can opt for “fancy shapes”, which will sublimate and make unique the jewel of your dreams without distorting the beauty of the selected diamond.


Colour is a sign of purity & rarity. An immaculate translucent diamond resembles unparalleled beauty and is extremely rare.
Also, to assess the tones of this gem, the GIA has developed an international scale of graduation, ranging from D, colourless and coveted, to Z, tinged with yellow.
Beyond these criteria, coloured diamonds, named “Fancy Coloured”, are distinguished by a particular classification according to the intensity & chromatic depth of their dress.


When the diamond crystallizes, tiny traces of minerals are trapped, eternal imprints left by nature. Called “Inclusions”, these imperfections are involved in the quality assessment of a diamond. Diamonds not included, pure with a magnifying glass, are extremely rare, almost impossible to find. Purity, like color, is codified by specific international standards.


The carat is the unit of measurement for precious & semi-precious stones. (1 carat = 0.2 grams). Originally, the seeds of the carob tree, enjoying a constant weight, were used to weigh stones and metals, hence the name “carat”. This criterion only depends on the choice of size of the gem to be set.

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