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Since 1989, Maison Ciaudano puts its family “Savoir-Faire” at disposal of all your jewellery desires. Our Master Jewellers create for your amazement unique, original or timeless, modern or classic pieces that will delight your eyes and those of your loved ones. From our expertise to your desires, the jewels of Ciaudano are a true Heritage, an everlasting imprint of your History, to transmit from generation to generation.


About us

From our family to yours

The Ciaudano story began before the creation of the eponymous jewellery company. Luigi Ciaudano, the forefather of the family, is passionate about the Italian goldsmith’s and jewellery industry.

At the end of the 1970s, he creates a modest boutique, named “Eiffel” with a highly original concept: all jewels are displayed on pyramid shaped showcases. Luigi’s Italian clientele is fascinated by the singularity of the design, which allows the jewellery creations to be admired from all angles.  Soon, he is joined by his wife and son.

Seduced by the Ciaudano family’s passion for jewellery, clients come from all over Italy to discover the small boutique with its singular creations. Following this incredible success, Luigi decides to enlarge his trade and acquires a business in the heart of the town of Chieri, in Piedmont, North of Italy. In 1989, the Maison Ciaudano is officially born in 5 Piazza Umberto I.

The small boutique becomes a beautiful Jewellery preserving the same passion of the first days. Lulled into this fabulous world, the youngest member of the family, Carla, decides to enlarge the Ciaudano’s brand beyond the Italian borders and moves to the Principality of Monaco. In 1995, Carla opens her first boutique at 18 Boulevard des Moulins.  The young entrepreneur warmly welcomes her visitors, and they are thrilled to explore the jewellery creations of the Ciaudano family & the excellence of its “Savoir-Faire”.

Nowadays, Maison Ciaudano is united around its family heritage.